Why did you decide to make a Youtube channel and who inspired you to make it?

This is a question that I am not too sure of. I always ask myself this question almost everyday, "Why am I doing YouTube?" To me I am just a guy who is really shy in real life yet somehow social-able but when it comes to the internet I am a lot more relaxed. So I guess how I got started with YouTube is months before I even posted videos I hanged out with a lot of YouTubers mostly those from the Cube. They asked me to do a ton of montage parody videos during the start of 2014 to May 2014.
For some reason I wasn't really doing much since I dropped out of class in college because I didn't need it They really honestly convinced me that making a channel was a good idea and with their encouragement I did. I did commentaries with others years before but that was all Call of Duty stuff. Any ways, in my first video I was really nervous I didn't know how to commentate on my own. Honestly at that time I didn't know where my channel was going to at that point, but the first episode I had so much encouragement especially from my friends that it convinced me to go forward. I then kept posting videos daily during that time and more and more people kept coming.
At that point the fans motivated for me to do what I do and because of this I started to get creative and try things that were different. One of them being JWong Edits. JWong Edits was originally supposed to be something that I did once and never do it again. Surprisingly a lot of you wanted it and so I continued it. That's when I realized without knowing that the reason why I am doing a YouTube channel is because of you guys. Without you guys I would never be as motivated to do it as I am. I really do enjoy doing it but it's what you guys do to help push that motivation further.
I know that recently I have not been able to post as much and the reason is because now I am taking full college classes I don't even have time to sit down to record and edit. For some colleges there might not be a lot of homework and it's all studying for tests but in my field it's all homework. Each week or two I get three projects to do that take about a week to finish and have to be done back to back. Because of this you probably haven't seen much videos you would like JWong Edits or the Cube. I have a ton of ideas to make for these on my channel but I didn't have the time to and I apologise for that. I honestly feel bad for that too. Hopefully next term is not going to be busy and I'll be able to put more time into my work.
So this leads to the second part of the question, "Who inspired me?" Well, back in 2006 a lot of older YouTubers inspired me to make a channel but at that time I was worried that being young would affect my career so I held off for that long. Yes, that's right I held off for making a channel for 8 years. Main influencers being Ray William Johnson, Angry Video Game Nerd, NigaHiga, and JonTron. These people got my attention for YouTube but most importantly you guys inspire me and my buds on the Cube.