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Who makes your Thumbnails and if you do can you do a vid on how you make them please thx

I do but I don't think I'd be best to teach it. If FinsGraphics has a tutorial you should definitely check him out

What are your views on potatoes?

I am friends with one. His name is munchingbrotato. They are all right I guess.

why did bee deactivate her ask fm? :(

Ask FM is great to answer questions but it's also a good way to target hate to someone in their inbox anonymously. For me I laugh from hate comments as they give me a good chuckle so for me it doesn't affect me in any way. As for Bee I cannot speak for her but I assume she probably doesn't want to use ask fm simple as that.

How do I get more subscribers

I'm not too sure if I can give you the best answer but I can tell you what does get people more subscribers:
- Be creative: Being creative is a huge key and by doing so you probably will be original.
- Be original: Original content is desired as doing something someone else does will usually not fare too well. My best series aren't let's plays like playing Minecraft minigames but stuff like JWong Edits, the Cube, and Montage Parodies (although a lot of this has been done too).
- Seek opportunities: This is something hard to explain but basically if there's something that can help your channel do it! Opportunities lead to more opportunities.
- Consistency: I have been terrible on this part and I can say that this is why my subscriber and view count has slowed but if I was consistent it would grow a lot better. So yes uploading on a schedule that's consistent helps.
- Have a great personality: One of the most important parts in YouTube. Just be friendly and positive and that vibe attracts people. People will watch you if you can bring that to the table.
Hope this helps!

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computer specs?

CPU: i5 4570 (I think)
SSD: 128 GB
RAM: 8GB (2*4GB)
GPU: HD Radeon 7750
PSU: 500W
Mobo: Some Z97 ASUS deluxe motherboard or Z87 not too sure. A friend gave it to me.

What was your favorite part of Cube S1? Why?

Max Adolay
I know this sounds cheesy but my favourite part of the Cube was being on the Cube cause playing and working together with your friends is one of the best things one can ask for.

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