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Tomahawk like completely despises the fishingrod technique when he needs it lol it's the only way to play defensively against a team unless you run the whole game and use a bow but as you can see tomahawk's not the best at bowing xD so i figure if he just used some of his tactics he might be happyqq

I wonder if there is such thing as a Minecraft PvP trainer.

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tomahawk seems to be an asshole how can you be friends with him?

I accidentally deleted this question so I had to reask this question. Now out of all the people who know Tomahawk online I would say I know him well (along side Furry) since I've known him before YouTube and known him for over 3 years now. Basically I do not find him to be an asshole and believe it or not he's one of the nicest guys I've talked to. Sure he says a ton of stupid stuff and he can be appear to be an asshole at times but that's because he is has that boxer blood in him or something. He loves a good fight (in this case an argument) but if you can fight back he'll respect that. Usually I whoop him in arguments and anything so basically he has nothing on me. XD
But yea he's cool but assuming that he's an asshole is far from the truth.

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Yay you're still here:D qq Oh and you're right about minecraft becoming competitive and all that xD I just felt bad because tomahawk went know kanye west mode, as you would put it ;>

Yea Tomahawk does have a short fuse but he can control it pretty easy. BTW this is the last question Im answering so thanks for asking me questions especially you Mr. qq!

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About that down there, I meant about the "first let me take a selfie" xD But um, as I was saying. Tomahawk has gotten a lot worse and I think huahwi can make him better again. (He's like 5th on the leaderboards, but he doesn't tryhard) he wins more than half of his games according to his ratio.

Yea Huahwi has skill but honestly what blows my mind is that out of all the games in the world how does Minecraft become a competitive game?

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I dont mean to bother you, but could you ask tomahawk to check out huahwi's pvp tips and tricks? he really needs it nowadays tbh :/

I mean he has tips and tricks but remember that Tomahawk was #2 at one point. I never got better when I did tips and tricks because when I followed them they didn't seem to benefit me. I mean the best way to do anything in life is to develop your own strategy. Honestly Tomahawk is good at PVP but if tons of people target you to expect to get something out of it you really have lost the point of the game. Sure, it's a good reason to get rid of the good players first but honestly I would hate to be in that position where I couldn't play a game anymore. I have no idea what I'm saying at this point but yea that's what I think about that.

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