Ask @JYozura:

If could change one thing of askfm for 24 hours, what would it be?

Justin ~ ^v^
Well first I clean it out from the fake celebrity accounts on here that people think are real.. after I change the site to let you communicate in a private message section and let you broadcast each other and add gift ideas from the flea points that people can send to who ever there following it'll level them up yeah I want a levelling system for more flame point ideas.. that what needs

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I feel sorry for men. Men have no woobs and they cannot make babies. Men are also poor so they cannot afford to hire surrogate mothers. And also men get prostate cancer. They cannot reproduce but but they suffer because they have reproductive parts.

but you women suffer more from breast cancer all the health issues getting peiods and the amount of how exspisive bras are for you

What habit that others have annoys you most?

my messed up lazy punk 2 brother wasting stuff every day because he gets away with it and the stupid mom blames his mess on me,
like to waste bathroom towles 5 a day
paaper towles blows his nose with it when dumba$$ knows theres tissues
him being too last to take a shower uses the sink to wash his hair thinks hes clean wastes cloths when hes not clean

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