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Dating tips? I want to ask her out. She has already denied me several times (6 times to be exact). This time I am just going to announce on instagram and Snapchat we are in a relationship. Would that work?

you should leave this girl alone and move on to someone who wants to be with you.

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Why would a man want a woman who’s obsessed with getting attention from other men

I don't know any men who want that

My friend is judging me for doing OF, saying it might ruin my reputation. Is she just jealous?

do what you feel like. we all pay later, in some way, for the things we do now. think everything through first

Do you enjoy roasting people or do you find that lame and immature? Does it come naturally for you?

I'd prefer to just leave folks alone

If your ex moved on. Would it bother you in any way? I know an ex is an ex for a reason. But we all have exes for different reasons

probably would at first but then I'd move on as well

What do you think about Christianity?

I believe in God and Jesus is my only way to Heaven. I'm betting on that.


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