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Just there's nothing bad about you! I'm glad it means a lot

Thank you, I would ask who this is but I know you won't tell me haha
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I don't know you well but you seem like such a nice boy! I think people get you wrong, no one has ever said anything proper bad about you!

Thanks that actually means quite alot :)
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You're a cheeky little liar, you will judge me x

Noo I won't I don't judge people for that sort of stuff haha x
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Me ? Dm you ? Are you serious? After all these questions I've sent, I can't dm you hahahahaha x

Why not I ain't gonna judge x
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So wen do u leave? O man welling won't be da same wivout u

Not sure yet I think it's after my maths exam but I Dno when that is x
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Stop askin who dis iz I'm obvs not gunna tell u. Btw have u officially left skool 4eva?

Naa still have to go in for my exam and stuff
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I bet you do know their names hmmmmmmmm I can smell something hmmmmmm iz dat bullshit?!?!?!?

Haha nah I actually don't x
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Oi jacky bby , who is da hottest yr 10 at wellin skol, name 6 boi x

Why do you write like that and I don't know enough names x
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