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Girls are all over you today. I wish I could be too, but I'd feel annoying.

None of them have come out and said who they are though so they might as well have not. I'm glad they're interested in me but behind a keyboard, it's nothing.
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You seriously need to post another instagram video of you singing, you're amazing! Please!?

Thanks (: I'm kinda sick right now but I might mess around with music later (:
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I'm not saying my name, you don't like me, just thought I'd let you know you're great!

Well you don't know that but thanks (:

Is there any friend right now that might be more eventually?

Possibly but I'm not putting it out here for people to see

Do you want to be talking to someone right now, or do you not want anyone more than a friend currently?

I like to start as friends and work from there.


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