YYH Dub IS better than the Sub. The script is better and the Dark Tournament villains actually have personality.

It's not better, it simply is not the Yuu Yuu Hakusho cartoon. You might as well opine about how much you like orange juice over the Yuu Yuu Hakusho cartoon, which, hey, all the more power you ya.
Personally, I've never been able to take too much orange juice. There is a very tart aftertaste to the stuff that I find difficult to deal with. This is why I avoid orange popsicles, too. Funnily enough I really like orange creamsicles and other mixings with ice cream. I think the cream helps balance out whatever bothers me about orange juice.

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if someone ur usually mean to told u they were in love with u which is why the bugged you, how would u feel and what would u say

This is oddly specific.

What are your thoughts on Naruto vs Sasuke final fight?

I felt like it was hindered from a lot of the familiar faces not being available to work on it. For a big, culminating finale it felt like half the family couldn't make it back home for Christmas.

How happy are you now that Shida has worked on Super and is scheduled to work again.

I await his next contribution to the series and hope it is better than his work for Episode #57.

What do you think of Shimanuki Masahiro's work in Super?

I think it's terribly timed and not especially good even as stills. His animation is so dull.

What do you think of Ryota Nakamura's work on DBS?

Eh, I don't think it's anything special. Even Kakudou and Kaizawa's storyboards feel like they're only at half-mast, but at least those have the excuse of not being directed by their storyboard artists. Nakamura sees his own storyboards through.

Are you expecting the upcoming Naruto v Sasuke fight to be the best animated fight of Shippuden cause the staff involved is incredible?

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Pretty much. That and the level of press being employed.

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