Ask @JaidenAnimations:

So I watched one of your videos a few months ago, and you said in the alola Pokemon video that you Normally record audio in your closet but HOW BIG IS YOUR CLOSET!? You can fit a microphone, a laptop, and a place to sit comfortably!? I'm low-key jealous if that's the case.

it's not a big closet. i can pretty much touch both sides of it with my arms extended. i have to sit on the floor, back against the door with my laptop on my lap and mic on a little stool next to me. i hate the set up with a passion but it's the only thing i have lol

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Another question about ear piercings (even though I'm not the one who asked the first question) do you think it's acceptable for guys to have piercings? My right ear has a scar at the bottom and wanted to put a piercing there to hide it, but I don't know if that would make me weird since I'm male.

guys can totally rock piercings. if you want it then go for it (you can always take them out anyway) but one tip, if you're going to pierce your right ear you might want to pierce the left too. the rule was (i dunno if its still relevant today) is if a guy has only their right ear pierced then it means they're gay lol. so unless you want to express that (no judgement here, gays rock piercings too) then pierce both of them (again idk if that rule is applicable still, but i thought i'd let you know about it)

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What kind of bird is Ari?

a lot of people ask me that, but I don't say because owning one isn't the easiest thing in the world (it's not complicated either, though). It's important to do research to see if you can actually give them the care and attention they need to be happy, they're too intelligent to just be sitting in a cage their whole life. Different birds have different needs and if you really want one then you can search and find the perfect one that suits you and your lifestyle :) ((just a rant because it pains me to see people not care for their poor birds properly

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