Ask @JakeTheo:

what do you think about homosexual people?

I don't know, that's like asking "what do you think of people?". It all depends of the person regardless of whether they are lesbian, straight, asexual, intersex, gay, transexual, bisexual or anything else.
As for what I think of people in general, most of the them are stupid idiots, but a few of them are really great people.

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:с i dont understant what r u talking about haha! hav u got twitter? give me it pls) ur nice:3

Nope, I don't have Twitter and Twitter doesn't have me, further more, concluding on my level of quality is a little hasty (in other words-> you don't know me well enough).
P.S., do they sell dictionaries in Russia? You may need one (sorry if you find me rude but I feel like an angry rhinoceros!)

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