Ask @JakoobiBoy:

i think we are quite similar haha i agree. i seriously get so affected by it every time i listen, it's like it brain washes me too feel a certain way, no one can change my mood half as much as music can

Yeah, music just has that extra element to it. It's a natural thing, as birds sing/whistle, but there's no explanation. A subtle miracle maybe hahaha. How old are you? You have some fairly deep thinking tbh

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yeah everyone has a different view on music, but to be honest it's all the same because it makes people feel the same way even if the genres are really different

That is exactly it, bang on. There's something unique in the way that just listening to music can change our moods to an extreme extent, and I think that's what fascinates me/us? (If you agree)
you are a good type of person also, loving the insightful conversation

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