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What is the difference between working on Broadway than in television or movies?

According to him, working on Broadway has some similarities to working in television and movies. Working on stage is also different from television or the movies, however. The similarities include the fact that both require an actor or actress to get into character and to become another person altogether. Projecting that person's personality and characteristics to the audience is the focus of any acting ( However, doing so on stage and doing so on television or movies is somewhat different. On stage, he says, actors are not only performing "live" so that there is no chance to redo the scenes he or she may not do well, but the audience is actually a more organic, living and breathing entity that actually participates in the energy of the production. Film is somewhat sterile, requiring an actor to send his or her performance into the void, while a live audience gives instant feedback on the success with which the actor or actress has done his or her job. Because of this, many television shows are filmed "before a live studio audience."

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What does James Barbour have planned for the future?

As always, he will continue to work with stage productions, although he is also branching into other areas. He hosts his own television show, James Barbour Now (, in which he interviews people in the arts as well as other interesting characters. The show offers insight into the lives of fascinating stars, important figures in the world of entertainment such as producers or directors, and even input from groups such as the cast of Les Miserables in Los Angeles. He is also the host of the international, critically-acclaimed radio program The Star Power Hour. This airs on the Empowerment Channel, located at He plans to continue these two shows as well as his long-running appearance in the Broadway hit Phantom of the Opera ( He also plans to continue appearing on television shows and in movies as the opportunities arise. Like his career to date, his future career will probably be completely varied with many different types of appearances.

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How can I see a James Barbour production?

For those who are interested in seeing him in action, there are several ways to view his work. First, his radio and television shows air frequently and can be seen online at various websites (visit His radio and television work often reflects a relaxed, laid-back attitude that mirrors his personality. Further, his work on stage at various productions is almost always continuous, with appearances in Los Angeles, New York and other major cities. Simply searching for his latest show is a great way to find where he is and what he is currently doing. For those who want to attend once of his special events, especially those put on for charitable purposes, his website provides a host of information ( There are many ways to see him work or to watch one of his productions, all of which feature top-billed cast and exciting music and performances. Watch a performance at

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Does James Barbour care for any causes?

He has worked to support a number of charities, philanthropic societies and causes that support those who need help the most (read more at For example, he has been a tireless and staunch supporter of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. This group is dedicated to bringing Broadway actors, singers, dancers, directors, producers and production staff together to battle the AIDS epidemic, provide help for those with the disease and to support research into a cure. He is also a member of the Artists’ Committee of The Actors Fund, another group designed to help actors and other members of the performing arts who need assistance. The Fund, which was established over 100 years ago to help struggling performers, offers a number of resources for those in the arts to help them plan their careers and manage the sometimes difficult obstacles that arise when pursuing the dramatic arts as well as those who have retired from acting and need assistance with housing and other necessities. Visit for an inside look on James.

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About James Barbour:

James Barbour Now Host, Broadway Actor, and loving Husband and Father. After dozens of movie and theatrical performances over the years, he recently landed his dream gig as the Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera.

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