Ask @JamesStevens123:

Describe in detail what you look for in a girl

Oh god, here we go. Honestly my perfect girl wouldn't have to be amazingly pretty. She'd be happy to stay up all night talking to me and whenever I needed her she'd be there for me. She wouldn't mind me being stupid in public or me talking about how great she is. She'd share the same interests as me and we'd meet up whenever we could. In our relationship we'd buy each other presents randomly because we love each other. I know I must sound really stupid but that's my honest answer.

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Perfect relationship?! (explain!)

Pretty sure I've done this before but okay. My perfect relationship would be one were I can just be myself and be stupid in public, we could be stupid together and just have fun being together. We would buy each other presents and we would always go to the cinema together and just spend time with each other. We wouldn't constantly be worried about breaking up because we would love each other too much. We'd spend hours just talking and we'd stay up till midnight talking to each other because we don't want to stop.
Wow, that's a lot of stuff. Looks like I'm not getting a girlfriend anytime soon xD

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Sammy Clegg

Big paragraph? Here we go again xD
Sammy is amazing. She is perfect in every way. I love her so much xD She is really beautiful, she is really nice and she always has time for me. She is just amazing at everything she tries and she always tries her best. She doesn't mind me being stupid around her and is quite happy to be stupid with me xD She gives really good hugs and never pushes me away when I do crazy stuff... like kiss her. If you guys hadn't figured it out by now, I kissed Sammy. She is amazing to me and I love her so much

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