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write a paragraph on your four best friends? please dont say you cant be bothered...

Okay, I waited for a long while to do this so I had plenty of time to think about it. I'm gonna do a paragraph for each person because I'm in a good mood
Alex: To be honest, he's actually a really funny guy. Yeah sometimes I don't agree with his decisions but overall he's a really great guy. He has a great sense of humour and is all around just an amazing guy.
Iesha: < I owe that girl so much. She has always been there whenever I need her, we share all of our problems with each other and it seems we can't go a day without hugging each other xD If you ever need help with something, she's your girl.
Sammy: Well, where do I start? She's been there for me all the time. We talk about stupid stuff all the time and still never stop talking xD we're really stupid in English when we attack each other with glue sticks and yet, we never seem to talk in real life :(
Tasha: OH MY GOODNESS THIS GIRL IS AMAZING. Genuinely, amazing. Recently we've become so close and we are constantly talking to each other, even if it is crazy like creating your own religion ;). She is funny, she has great stories and she is really pretty.
TL;DR: They're amazing

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