Ah, I forget we are in a different part of the world lol I just woke up, last night after coming home from work, I went to bed, because of the rain, there was lightning and my phone's battery ran out so yeah.....

I hope we can find enough common time for us to have nice chats.

Yeah i hope so, although that is rather difficult but I hope that doesn't hinder our chats

I am sure it won't. We will definitely find some time to share. Are you in a hurry now to get ready?

if you are sure of that, then me too. nope, I'm still a bit sleepy but I have to take a shower uhmm 10 more minutes

Okay, we have 10 minutes of chat time.😊

Okayy ^^ so you have entered work or not? It's impossible if it's still your lunch time, right?

Actually I am preparing to go home. My workday is over in a half hour from now. Then I will arrive home in another hour and have some dinner.

Ahh i see.. so stay safe...drive safely on the way to your house. And enjoy ur dinner later :)

Thank you very much. Have yourself wonderful day. Always enjoy and always be happy.

You're so welcome :) ahh thank you James. so I will go take a shower and get ready to work now.

Bye for now. Talk to you soon I hope.😊👋

Don't worry, that's not just your hope i will talk to you soon. Enjoy ur dinner and have a good rest ☺

Thank you! 😊😊😊