how did you get over it?

My parents and family and friends had an intervention. They brought me to a meeting room and each of them read me personal letters explaining how much they loved me and were on my side and supported me. It was incredible and I owe my life to them all.

Same with me. They even took me to a hospital for three weeks to get better.

How are you feeling now? I really hope you are doing better.

That's actually nice! I always try to help my boyfriend in depression but I fail. Hope I will be able to handle the situation.

Maybe you could try the intervention with your boyfriend. It totally worked for me.

Thanks yes I am. Second visit to a hospital. First one was in 2009 yup. Just like you. Thanks I am much better.

That makes me very happy. I truly hope you continue being happy and all things go great for you in the future.

I will try this, I just hope he accepts it. Thanks for the help James.

Please keep me informed. I am praying for your boyfriend and you must always keep your hope alive. I wish you everything good in your lives.

yes i will let you know if there were any changes. Thanks for your support and your prayers.

Thanks, you are in my thoughts.