Ask @Jamiecee1:

Who's the person that inspires you to be better?

My baby 👶🏼

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What's the most difficult word you've learned recently?

Unsure. I wasn’t certain of the meaning of ‘insurgence’ until I googled it which confirmed I was 85% correct.

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Would you as a white rather worship in (a) a mosque full of white people, or (b) a church full of black people?

Pat Riarchy
Neither. I don’t particularly like religious practices.

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How do you feel about your first love?

I don’t :)

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Do you think you eat healthily?


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What was your greatest success?

Loosing ten stone and becoming a strength / fitness coach

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What drink do you prefer when you’re thirsty?

Water with added Himalayan sea salt and citric juice for electrolytes

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Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?


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