My gf recently moved across the world due to new job and she asked for a break due to being so overwhelmed with school and mental issues she saying she has trouble controlling should I wait considering she says maybe we can try again in the summer or just let her go? Pls help if more questionsPLSASK

Honestly if youre giving it a thought then just move on. Don’t hang onto her. And im not saying go ahead find another girl or anything, just let the things flow and don’t stress over it. Do what youre doing don’t think too much and don’t try to move on, that makes it harder. If moving on is the right thing then it’ll come to you just like that.
AliYah ⭐✨ The Star Qween ✨⭐ also answered this question with: "Give her some space to get her mind together and at peace. Let her reach out to you. At this time..."

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