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Share a positive thing that might help us to live a better life.

Self love is important. Today when i look around, I see people depdessed; blaming theirselves for every negativity they face. self harm has become a trend now. I swear I have seen 13 year old kids cutting themselves for not getting the person they love. I mean fam its okay! It is totally fine. This is life and it will be full of hardships. We all have bad days, we all have the days when we fail, we all have days when we think its our fault but all that matters is that how we choose to face the situation. Hurting yourself is not the solution at all. Self love is importany because when you cry at 3am sitting on the bathroom floor, no one will come to pick you up not even your best friend, YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSEF. idk how do I explain it but guyss start loving yourself it will solve 50% of your problems.
Thats just how I think, y'all are free to disagree. xx

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