Ask @Jannat_khaqan25: Tbh- Jannat Jannat Jannat😂💕 I like ur name💕 maybe 1 only name i like till date💕 Bhot ache insaan ho 💕 i like ur nature💕 Answers👌🔥 lots of Success tons of Happiness 💕💯 Keep smiling 💕 Stay blessed 💯

Sahil Sharma
Thank you sm Sahil. Each and ever word means alot💕 I also like your nature, thanks for being so sweet everytime. Stay lit💕

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favourite memory?

Okay so it was my exam the next day and I had to cover half of my syllabus in one night. I wasn't well at that time. I felt reallyyy sleepy just because of the medicines so I just made a call to someone and we stayed on phone for the whole damn night. We didn't talk about anything; I was just studying and after every 10 mins he just said "Jaag rahi ho na?" just to make sure that I don't sleep and miss the syllabus.
Damn. :")👑

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