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I would love to meet you and take a selfie with you. Where do you always hangout?

Haha bangsar, if you do bump into me come say hi

if you was born being a guy, who will you date?

I have no idea, this is is an extremely tough question. I would never date my idols if I were a male simply because I don't think I will ever want to build a life with them, it will be so hard to get along with them. I can't think of a single female who I can fall in love with.
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lepas ni Jasmine punye asgmt kt mane pulak ek? bTw, still x sempat lg nk tgk movie Rembat tu... hope dlm mase tdekat ni dpt p tgk... tgk trailer die je dh tau klakar cite tu..

I rasa next gi pahang kot

yesss...so i ade peluang laa wlaupun lg muda dari awak? can i meet u someday?

Yes if u ever bump into m, say hi ☺

I feel bad when people love you as your appearance but not your heart. This type of person you should avoid Jasmine. I'm afraid you might get hurt. Find someone who truly loving you no matter what. I hope this advice help you! -Fans Bruneian!

aww thank u! that is a good one to read this early morning! makes my day!
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ouhh final year last cinta? wow!! belaja masa tu perform ke? heheh

Yes ada perform theater masa belajar kat Melbourne dulu :)


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