Ask @Jasmine_lujan:

When you see a girl with stretch marks, do you think that girl is ugly/ the stretch marks are ugly? Do you think stretch marks are ugly?

Honestly no they aren’t, everybody has them and if you don’t it’s just wrong for you to sit there and call this girl ugly, and when I see a girl with stretch marks I always think “wow! She is beautiful, I don’t even have enough courage to show mine”

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So I’m thirteen and there’s this girl I like and I don’t no how to tell her I like her because I’m scared she’ll reject me and not be my friend anymore what do I do?

Your overthinking it! You need to tell her how you feel and get it over with, if you can’t tell her face to face leave a note in her locker with your initials or something, but you can’t have all these feelings building up with her knowing. And if she does reject you than that’s her loss for loosing someone so valuable. Keep you head up! You got this!

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Is that okay when a girlfriend hugging her male friends?What do you think?

Yes it’s perfectly fine because she isn’t cheating on you with just a hug 😂 and boy if your getting jealous drop her because you need to know that you can trust her and not be this possessive over her or get paranoid about oh you can’t have male friends that’s not a healthy relationship and not right.

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