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You'll never be able to forget me

No, I never will if you are who I think you are, but I’m not sure about this site is too confusing

Do you speak multiple languages?

I was lost looking for answers and I am I’m heartbroken I’m alone all the time. The ones that are supposed to care about me the most don’t care about me at all. It’s a hard pill to swallow.

Do you believe in the saying if you love something you can’t have just let it go if it’s meant to be it’ll come back?

Yes, to a certain extent sound situation to have extenuating circumstances all must be weighed and measured but yes

Do you believe that straight men can have a queer male bestfriend?

Absolutely not that queer has ulterior motives I mean look at the last Alis chosen, confused as what that thing is and that’s what he spread his confusion

I no where u moved too

So what none of y’all got any goddamn guts you’re all cowards everyone of you to hide behind fake a little mass being anonymous asking silly questions if you don’t ever get any resolution to it’s not like you’re gonna come by

Please. Take me back, I’ve changed and I really want you back in my life. I miss you

If this is Dessa all you have to do is come get me

Should I talk to my bf about this?He's a loving guy and never fails to show how much he loves me.Supportive and patient.Everything was going good!But then, I woke up, remembering him mansplaining to me something or at least being condescending I think and also subtly downplaying a woman writer.

No one should hit

I don’t understand this app

I don’t neither I think it’s to maintain anonymity. I think it’s cowardly.

Have you ever had your cartilage pierced and if yes, how painful was it and did you get it pierced with a piercing gun or a needle? I’m asking the last part because Ik you’re not supposed to pierce the cartilage with a piercing gun in the first place.

I’ve been pierced by everything from Pearson. Going to Sonido to enough car windshield, steering wheel fence post bumper of truck.

Do you get in the shower with or let water contact your diamond/sterling silver jewelry? (If you wear jewelry)

Some times
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What time y’all going to bed? I’m about to be knocked tf out 😴

Hell no no Lord has plans for me. He has plans for all of us. This life is preparation like everything else. In this life is preparation for what’s to come, and I have to behave because he wants me to go to a certain level of heaven it’s really needs me that’s where I must go
When it’s my time

Even if you know it or not 🌟 there are people that look up to you❤️… you’re somebody’s motivation and role model🤗..

Well, I’m a father and this place seems like it’s full of unruly children whose parents have just pushed on the side or don’t give them the tools they need out here in this world don’t answer the unanswered questions I can’t leave them wondering if there’s answers and if we can’t have found him then will get with God and we will all find them together


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