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Do you rather be held or do the holding

I prefer to be held. It's not something I got a lot of, but after experiencing it, I fell in love with it

Who will you spend the rest of your life with.

Myslef, the same as you.
I can not see the future. I just feel what I feel.
But I have hopes

What turns YOU on?

Oh my 😈

Well, I won't go into details, and the list still requires some discovery, but I will say the right look can do a lot, and not every experience in life needs to be soft and gentle.

Whatwouldn'tyou do for someone you love?

I'm not sure. Probably skydiving and like taking a bullet for them or something.

I know you get lonely just like me!❤️‍🔥

You called it. Even when I'm surrounded by people, sometimes I get lonely

I’m not with you physically but spiritually I’m in your head..

Probably. I tend to think about a lot of people sometimes. The whole world, to be specific
Im not with you physically but spiritually Im in your head

But you call me insecure?

Did I? If I did. I probably felt like you displayed behaviors that match my definition of it. A good question to ask yourself is, are/ were you displaying the traits of an insecure person?

Who likes me?🤗

I'm sure several people do. Maybe they you know them, maybe you don't. It's possible that you know them and they are not courageous enough to let you know it

It hurts to love you but I still love you!💜

I love you too. I don't think love should hurt. I think loss should hurt. Abuse should hurt and regret should hurt, but I think love should feel good, warm, soothing even.


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