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Why boys always make the girl who loves them feel miserable

Bcx there are some sick minded ppl out there who do this to boost their trashy self esteem... They couldn't get attention from anywhere ever so now when they get it genuinely from someone they can't handle it gracefully and start to think highly of themselves...

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My bf is abusive physically and mentally too kbhi breakup kr k chala jata hai kabhi kia I am so fed up of him but idk why abhi tk he being caught cheating several times mera bc dil yahi kehta hai k nai muhabat krta tha wtf bro??? Yeh muhabat hai give advice guys I am in depression

Em getting this type of questions in abundance everyday..... kis museebat me phns gye ho sb? Or ni yeh koi muhabat ni hai ... Khud pe rehem ni ata Tum logo ko?


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