Ask @Javeriaa13:

What is something you always wanted to say to someone (anyone, could be a parent/friend/sibling/love interest/just someone) but never could (because didn't get the chance or were shy about it or were not in contact anymore), say it here if you want and get rid of the burden!

To all of us.."You living your luxurious life in your comfortable bed, crying over trash in your life and having suicidal thoughts, cursing your life of being cruel, thoughts of ending it spinning in our head but Darling live one day under this tree and then life will show you WHAT EXACTLY LIFE IS? Under the clear blue sky with the sun on its peak heat, This barren tree shadow is blessing and survival for someone and you sitting in your air-conditioned room, is unable to count your blessings. See how unblessed you're with most blessings!

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