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Just wanted to thank you for your UFC videos on YouTube. You have made me significantly better at the game, and saved my tv and PS components some serious damage by teaching me how to get out of certain situations that almost made me snap. Still struggling w/ Thai clinch/knees defense...

Thank you man, I've got videos that'd help you out in my UFC 2 tips playlist over here: YouTube.com/JayCartere

Yo Jay in my future i wanna career onYouTube kinda like you. The annoying thing is that no one thinks i can do it and just take the mick and think I'm lazy. There are always fights in my family, my life is messed right now. So my question is how did you get through this stage and how were u at skl?

Zac Clarke
Hey, i filmed a video to answer your question bro, you can check it out here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNszsoBiLx4JayCartere’s Video 132819604064 xNszsoBiLx4JayCartere’s Video 132819604064 xNszsoBiLx4

This girl has friendzoned me, how to I get out?

Tell her how you feel, if she says 'nah', then move on. There are millions of women out there my g

Why does the Easter bunny hide eggs?

Because grown men decided it would be a good idea for marketing purposes


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