Ask @JayDeanOnline:

How do you move pass your spouse (wife) leaving you for a woman? They say they were always that way but u were just a cover. You have invested time and children. How so you pick up and move on?

My apologies for just now answering this question. The first thing I would do is go and talk to a counselor or someone that you trust to be open and honest with you- a good listener. It is important for you to get out your true feeling without judgement. Throughout this process, you are going to feel hurt, angry, sad, pissed etc. Allow your self to feel whatever it is that you feel. This is healthy. The moving on process can be the toughest but it is more than possible. Figure out what you need to do in order to move on. Time invested is time that cannot be taken back- neither can your children. Time is also what it's going to take in order for order for the two of you to get to that place where you can co-exist in a way that is healthy for you both and for the sake of your children. I am wishing you peace and clarity as you deal with this matter. Thank you for being courageous enough to send your questions.

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