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My boyfriend and me are in love but he calls me disgusting name and hurts me but i cant break up with him because i love him is that toxic?

danger zone of toxic. please escape before it’s too late

Is this app just random thoughts of consciousness or do people actually have conversations?


How is it two people can like each other but it doesn’t work out

they can like each other physically but mentally or spiritually, there is nothing keeping them together

Do you think the coin system on here makes sense?

briskyfumes’s Profile Photocassiopeia
i miss answering questions for my coins.
😒 always have to pay for this and that. main reason we cant move up

Do you ever pull your partner away from someone who you feel is attractive enough to be a threat?

i trust my partner

Should I unblock this person? they were being annoying so I blocked them but they were really nice to me I’m just really confused about how I feel i about them

do you see a bigger change in them now?

Seriously, just asking... Is it okay if women are fat? Do men want to date fat women?

in the winter time mostly 🤣
but it should not matter what size a woman is to find a significant other. love shouldnt depend on size

My boyfriend and i been together for 8 months. I just recently found out he cheated on me. He Was having sex with another woman.. I haven’t spoke to him in 2 days. How long should go without talking to him? He’s been texting and calling non stop. I’ve been ignoring him. I’m not ready to talk.

get your questions answered and let him go if you choose

if your phone number was turned into money, how much would you have?

adding that international number infront the area code, i’d be thrilled lol

I will send you Japanese questions !! So please answer in Japanese !!

kind of hard to translate…

How do I tell my neighbor that I have feelings for him to in a mature way?

knock on his door and chat with him


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