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Describe what a good friend means to you?

Easy. Respects on all levels. Never judges, is always willing to listen, never puts a true friend in harms way or leaves them stranded no matter what. Is sympathetic. Trusts and is trustworthy. Would NEVER steal from you. Forgives, doesn't seeks out revenge. Shows up when they say they're going to. Respects your time and will update you if they are late or are unable to make it. Apologizes and admits wrongs as promptly as possible to mend any misunderstandings or miscommunications. Keeps promises and remembers you. Doesn't believe only what they hear, they'll go straight to you first and ask right away preferably in person before assuming any false or twisted conclusions. Communicates effectively to receive the answers they're searching for. Responds to messages, Especially heart felt letters, hand written or sent through Email/Facebook. Makes time for you and is genuinely happy, attentive and grateful to be spending time interacting with you. Appreciates, notices and compliments your positive qualities regularly. Lifts you up, never brings you down. Always wants the very best for you and proves that, through their actions. Love Jayda
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Describe what a good friend means to you

We are in our late 40's and have been together 14 years. Sex used to be explosive for us, now it's boring. Between us, we've been there and done everything. We met at alt club, but don't play and don't want to anymore, but how do we bring the butterflies back? Even things people think as kinky, we d

A 14 year long monogamous sexual relationship is an accomplishment you and your partner should both be very proud of! First of all, complimenting each other on that. Remember there are so many ways to bring the spark of excitement back into the bedroom. It could be as simple as different locations. Next time you're out for dinner, sneak into the handicapped washroom for a hot, steamy romp sesh. Ofcourse there are also fetish parties. These provide and promote a safe atmosphere where couples & singles feel comfortable opening up to others while learning about their newly discovered sexual fantasies. Role play is also quite invigorating. Rock a hot new look✊Knock em dead. Surprise them. Tease them, massage them, learn tantra, reverse roles and incorporate new kinky bedroom experiments. Thoroughly stay as open minded as possible, connected and paint brand new portraits of your deepest sexual fantasies together. Now, I dare you to share this with your partner and make them happen!!! You'll both most likely be thrilled to make these fantasies, reality, after being together for 14 years.
Just stay honest. Notice the results.
Look back 2 weeks before you began pondering an improvement strategy. Perhaps, swing with another couple? There are many possibilities. Write each other a list of where else your dirty little imaginations take you & have an amazing time discovering even more about each other; for years and years to come.
Love Jayda

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We are in our late 40s and have been together 14 years Sex used to be explosive

Are you bi sexual?

I'm not bisexual myself although I've had a couple of experimental experiences that were both completely spontaneous & surprisingly enjoyable. I know I am 100% into men yet appreciate feminine features & acknowledge all the many types of beauty woman carry.
Are you bi sexual

What is basic difference among sex and friendship

There are many differences between sex and friendship. The most basic one is being naked with that person, because people don't generally have sex with their friends. If they do, no matter what, it changes the dynamics of that relationship.

Where do you go for advice?

I search deeply inward and ask advice from those who love me, (I don't always listen to their advice though!) I will also meditate and write journals about it.
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How much would it cost to buy your love?

You cannot put a price tag on love, this would not be true love. My love is priceless, rather free, to a companion I can connect with on a soul mate level.

Which countries have you visited?

Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Morocco, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, England, Slovakia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, United States, Australia, Hungary, Italy, Canada


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