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How can you tell a good person from a bad one?

How they treat their mamma & if they are able to show empathy when others are in pain

You are truly beautiful I'm going bra shopping today what kind and size do I get for you ?

Thank you that is very sweet, I'm good on under attire, I have so many bra's I don't know what to do with them! Thanks again for the gesture.

What kind of movies do you most enjoy?

Love super funny comedy's, crime thrillers, horror flicks, psychological thrillers; I'll watch porn occasionally. Not one for sci-fi, war or fantasy movies.

Who are your enemies?

I don't have any enemies, just people who've impacted my life; when mine collided with theirs; for a certain period of time, to teach me, them, or both of us something, we needed to, or were meant to, learn. Or, they facilitated an experience, feeling or lesson in my life which allowed me to change for the better, which drove me to want to help and share with others. All the people I have ever had the opportunity to become close with in my life, I am forever grateful for; they have been my greatest teachers. I feel so blessed, it's truly astonishing, to have gained the insight, knowledge, purpose and passion I have in my life today from our past interactions.

What is the most important thing in a relationship?

Communication: BUT (And there is no exception here) ONLY the HONEST type of communication. Who wants to live in lies and put on fake persona's? Users and manipulators. Sadly, yes, these people are very much amongst us and some are even extremely charming. Trick here is, to always listen to your gut, no matter what, from the beginning & please for heaven sakes, weigh on the cynical side rather than the naive one. They will prove you wrong & love will take over the rest if they are being real with you. Get to know them, well, before putting all your trust and faith in them.
Talk, more importantly listen, touch, experience sounds, see sights.. Remember, we're blessed with five wonderful senses to communicate with! Get to know which ones they respond to the best.. We all have 2 which we absorb and learn more from the others.
Love: This is at the top of the list, if it ain't real coming from both sides, eventually the relationship will crumble. An excellent rule of thumb is; you know it is truly love when there is no doubt in your mind and you don't have to ask yourself if it is or not.
Trust: if there are any insecurities about if they are cheating on you, there is something wrong with the relationship; it's either them, you, or both of you. Anytime you catch yourself wanting to snoop through their phone or email, that alone is a definite sign trust is seriously lacking. Bottom line, it's impossible to live a long, healthy, happy relationship together if you're missing trust as a strong foundation.
Respect Respect Respect: I am pretty sure this one speaks for itself. If they show signs that they do not respect you, you will notice pretty fast. If you choose to take the bad treatment, you are only showing no respect for yourself and you are also giving the green light to more future rude and insensitive gestures. We always teach others how to treat us and if they are performing carelessly towards you now, allowing them to get away with it is only enabling their hurtful behavior. It will undoubtably, continue to escalate, only downward.

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How to make a woman happy?

Compliment her, listen to her, flatter her, appreciate her, do nice things for her just because, romance her, surprise her, protect her.. Oh, and look her in her eyes & when you make love to her; let her know there is no one else but her.

What is your goal for the next 24 hours?

Have a safe, happy, scenic drive back to Kelowna, get some sun, get work done, meet a friend, have dinner, relax!


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