Ask @JaydenLeek:

Write a 5 paragraph essay about john

It wasn't simple getting to know Jon. He was always different from the crowd. Sometimes he would sit and watch, other times he was right in the middle of it all. But today, today was a different day. He wasn't there at all. In fact, I'll go out of my way to say he wasn't in the city today. But the real question was, where was he?
Sunday afternoon. The whole city had an amber alert going out for Jon. Where could he be? The badminton court, Yanchen's house, Harry's house, Kansun's house? No. He wasn't there. Then, on Sunday night, I received a message, sent by anonymous. "Jon is gone. 588492." I stared at those numbers. What did they mean? Was it some secret language that only Jon knew of? I spent the next 20 minutes attempting to decode the 6 numbers given to me by this unknown person.
Monday morning. I could barely sleep last night. Every moment I closed my eyes I could feel Jon staring at me. I knew he was alive, but I didn't know where he was. The numbers continued scrolling past my eyes, an endless helix swirling, 588492588492588492.... what did they mean? I wanted to know. No, I needed to know. Without thinking, I grabbed my backpack and began walking to the library. 'What am I doing?' I thought to myself. I couldn't control myself, my feet, they-they were moving on their own! I robotically pushed open the library's front door, eyes facing forward. I marched past the librarian, unable to return her hello, and stood in front of the aisle upon aisles of books. Then, 588492 popped into my mind. I look to my right, and there I saw, aisle 588492. I walked in.
There was a book on the ground, lying mysteriously, as if someone picked it up and threw it back down. I bent down and grabbed it. A folded piece of paper was visible, hidden among the pages of the book. I pulled the crinkled paper out, and there, there he was. Jon. My artichoke. I found him.

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