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Deadshot or Joker?

Polish ppl are white tho jayden 😂😂


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Are you easily offended?

If I weren't super ugly this picture would be cute

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Do you think it is important for people to be told they're beautiful?(Even if they aren't society's idea of attractive)

Um I guess everyone deserves to be told they're beautiful but I honestly wouldn't tell an ugly person they're beautiful because they're not in my opinion so I'm not going to lie to them.

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Anyone else's ask app loading random adverts?

I have a sister who is officially an adult and one that will be an adult next year what is this

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Opinions on the term "making love"?

I think people shouldn't use it for random hookups.

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What should under 18's NOT be doing in your opinion?


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Is having a big heart that is full of compassion a pro or con?

Pro I think?

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If your significant other wrote a 8 page essay about how much they loved you and wanted to be with you, how would you feel?

I'd feel uncomfortable tbh. Just write a paragraph dude.

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Age at first kiss?

Haven't had it

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I'm a dude who's been single for a while, is there any relationship advice I could be given as to how to get a girl?

Be sweet, honest, caring, and just be a gentleman. Also, don't rush into anything. Give the relationship some time to build.

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Do you watch the Arrowverse? (Arrow, The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow)

The flash and legends of tomorrow!

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If you had a career in acting, name ten celebrities you wouldn't mind doing a kissing scene with?

I'd feel awkward doing a kissing scene but I wouldn't mind doing one w any guy because it's just acting. It's not like they're going to fall in love w me. But Theo James is on the list js😂😂😂😂😂

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How friendly are you?

Told someone I was conceited and got no reply whoa

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What do you wear when you sleep? Pjs, nighties, t-shirt & shorts?

Um ig it just depends. I wear shorts every night but sometimes I wear tank tops and other times I wear t-shirts.

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Favourite rock songs? (Artist and song)

I don't listen to rock

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When you were growing up, what did you NOT look forward to?

Probably waking up super early for things such as school and church

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Why u always lying... mmh omg👀

"You're really ugly but your personality makes up for it!" I would say that's what every guy is going to tell me but I'm not super ugly *I don't think?* and my personality is trash LOL

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Your gorgeous pap😍😍

Dear anyone who actually thinks I'm cute,
Please contain yourself. I know this picture is too hot to be on social media so enjoy it before it burns down the internet.
Sincerely, jayden (piggy) *insert last name that I don't want y'all knowing*

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Do you think forgetting is the ultimate revenge?

The fact that y'all boys say stuff about how you have standards then you go around talking about how gorgeous ugly girls are.😂😂 but you do you ig.

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