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Would you tell your friend their bf/gf is cheating on them?

likklemonsta1’s Profile Photolikklemonsta
Not my business fam. I’ll for sure be there for my friend when they find out on their own. Can’t jump into ppl’s shit nowadays bc some couples are poly and/or have open relationships.

How does it feel to be ignored by someone you can’t help but look at and want the attention of when you see them in person? Would you care in a situation like that or no?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
If you care about a person, you can’t control it.

It’s a rainy day we have everything we need and want we are just going to chill and hangout in each other’s company in our own world where are we chilling … in the garage on a air couch lol or in a tree house or just inside with the windows open ?

bobbystar95270’s Profile PhotoHickey
Inside the crib with the windows open

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