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How much does everyone enjoy these questions it's like asking if u would eat pancakes with Kim Jucandy ng at Denny's and try n find out when it started why bud why u so distructive maybe he needs a hug or a puppy maybe the guitar kids need to play him a warm song of ancient Korea so he can remember

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Do men actually appreciate a stay at home wife, that scrubs and busts her ass just as much as he does being out? That cooks, cleans, and takes care of the home while he is away. Are men actually even grateful for having a good women like that, that doesn’t leave garbage and crap all out? 🤷🏻‍♀️

They might say they do but no. They are ungrateful and realize there is something wrong when u take a break to see if they notice.

Why do you think that sometimes Mental Illness is a made up condition?

Because some people could make up what they are experiencing and also cuz of the placebo effect.

is it a problem if the person you like has not studied at university or college

That person do not need to go to school if they don't want. Some times learning until u have to is good.

I have a very successful day today. I'm so proud of myself. Does anybody ever feel proud of themselves for things they accomplish even for the littlest things they accomplish? I just asked my parents "Did I do good today?" 😂 If I was married I'd ask my hubby that & if I did good🤣😅😂

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Hell yea. And I even get told good girl ever once in awhile

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Some things are hard to forgive, but I do value that you were near in my darkest times. Some people played me out, I don't know why they hate you so. I don't want to believe them that it's all just PR for you Sincerely, SpongeBob haha. (U understood)

I completely do

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