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I don't like to apologize even if I'm wrong. I don't like to explain myself or own up to my mistakes so don't expect it from me because I'm just going to block you and ghost you and move on 🤣🤣🤣 you can stay hurt and mad cause I'm not.

Is this the person my friend saw at Kroger

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Ignoring ppl and giving them the silent treatment bc ur mad isn’t gonna hurt the person it’s gonna hurt u cuz eventually they’re gonna move on

Who am I ignoring again

If your holding a grudge against someone else then u can’t be mad when they move on from the situation and don’t dwell on it forever it’s called growth talk it out like adults or don’t but you can only blame yourself when the desired result is the person moving on while your being resentful


What dos it mean when a girl tells you to stop asking her out and blocks your number and instagram? Is it a good or bad sign?

Good sign

Do you miss your ex?

I don’t miss any exs anymore Ngl I’m happy being single and think I might just stay single for it all


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