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Hey everybody! Thank you so much for engaging with me on AskFM over the past few years. It's really fun responding to people's questions, but I'm going to be pulling the plug on this profile for a little while.
Truthfully, the only incentive that the anonymous option of AskFM gave was a no-trouble way of delivering hate mail. Which for me, is fine - I've got a very thick skin and can turn it back around as a joke. But I don't want to encourage the idea of this site being a harassment platform, and have that spread to other people who don't react the same way.
If you ever want to ask me a question, you can hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Email, Text, Carrier Pigeon, whatever. I'll do my best to respond to you in a timely manner. For Leafs questions, we'll have the Mailbag on The Leafs Nation every Monday. I might do something similar on my personal site. But this is the end of the road on here.. for now.
Thanks again for reading,
PS: Here are the remaining questions in my Inbox, for those curious.

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What are your future goals or where do you see this hockey blogging taking you? What did you take in university or college to get yourself where you are today?

I really want to write about or create hockey content for a living. I've made strides in that direction, but I've still got work to do.
I didn't do post-secondary for a myriad of reasons. Wish my situation was different a few years ago. I'd recommend taking the school route if possible, though.
I'm not sure what my next step is, but I plan on finding out soon.

does the loose skin thing hurt your self esteem? i gained 20lbs my first year of university. ive lost the weight now, but im stuck with the hideous stretch marks. it really bums me out because they never go away. it makes me hate myself for letting myself ever get fat. how do you deal with that

It really sucks, I'm not going to lie. It throws off my clothes sizes; i'm a size larger in the stomach than the rest of the area that shirts cover. It goes down towards the waist, which boosts up my jean size (meaning I can't find a truly slim pair of pants, just baggy or skinny). I hate it.
But you know what I would hate more than the loose skin? The fat still being in there. One day it'll go away or I'll be able to afford the surgery. But I brought myself to the best shape of my life. It's a badge of honour until then.
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hi former fat, i was just wondering what do you ussally eat in one day. im trying to lose weight

Oh man, it varies a lot based off of my activity. I'm not a good example, haha. Yesterday I had a huge omelette with home fries, banana bread, cookies, ice cream, rice and corn, and popcorn. My fitbit also said I walked 31km and burned 4950 calories, so...
It's the summer, so I alternate between extremely cautious days and snack days. I try to maximize protein though, so I can get a bit of muscle from all of my moving around. For someone trying to lose, watch your calories using myfitnesspal and focus on meats and veggies - they'll fill you up the most relative to calories consumed. As well, avoid drinking your calories.

Dude im sure you know its horrible to be overweight, any tips how to lose weight fast what did you do? And how much weight can someone lose in 4months?

First off, my timing on responding to you is really shitty and I'm sorry. We're actually past the four months you mentioned and that's awful of me.
If you're still interested in my response, don't focus on losing weight "fast". Focus on losing it consistently. Dropping a pound a week for a year is easier and likely better for you than losing 50 pounds in 3 months, as long as you make proper lifestyle changes.

Who is the most underrated player in the NHL in your opinion?

Somebody that everybody constantly forgets. Can you really be considered underrated if everybody thinks that you're underrated? Probably not - that just means that people who vote for those guys think that they're smarter fans than everybody else.
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How did you become a reporter for the Marlies?

I mean, I'm not a reporter "for" them, but rather about them. As for how that came about? I noticed a lack of people talking about the team, got myself in touch with the right people at the time, turned that into getting some free tickets so I could at least follow the games, and eventually parlayed that into getting into the press box.
It was a right place right time scenario, really. Almost every person I dealt with at the time is gone and there isn't really a void to fill any more. I can't give direct advice for them, but the in-general advice I can give is to ways you can help someone out before you ask them to help you. Give, at the very least, what you get. Find situations where you can do that.

Would you ever consider dating someone who follows you on social media sites? ... Asking anonymously cause im way to shy

I think it would be crazy for anybody to block out a platform of meeting anybody for any reason because it has an "uncool" stigma. So in theory yes. But on a strictly personal level, I'm content with where I'm at right now.

I bought a clarkson t-shirt cuz it was in the sale bin. Should I hand in my leafs fan membership, or just hope he turns it around.

David Clarkson's only disservice to Leafs fans is that he wasn't as good as his bosses thought he was. He clearly loves the team and is working his ass off to try to justify their investment. That's a good shirt to have; I don't know if there's many others who want their name on the back as much as him.

How do you deal with all this relentless hate? Have you just grown a thick skin over the years? Have any tips for a teen being bullied?

Thick skin probably has a lot to do with it. As for tips? Stick with being yourself and doing what you love. Teenagers, on the whole, suck. We all mature and move on from the dumb shit, including the bullies. Of all the dumb crap I had happen with people in school over the years, maybe one situation isn't "under the bridge" today and a situation that *I* directly messed up.
Their bullying is temporary (though if you know someone who can help you get it to stop, do it). They'll grow up. Keep doing the things you love doing.

You were in Charlottetown? I live there bro. Being grampa dangs

Yeah, just for a few hours though! There was a power outage in half the city due to Hurricane Arthur and it was really windy.

Will you be buying the note 4? And if you don't mind me asking, would you buy it off contract?

I'm hoping to have a Note 4 in my hands in the next month or so. If you can afford to drop $700 on a phone, that's likely the best choice. But if you're going to be going by the skin of your teeth, might be worth holding off a bit.

why do you like drake ? hes so overrated tbh

His production is really good, he's passionate about the city he grew up in (which happens to be the same as mine - I grew up about five minutes away), he's self-aware and channels his inner demons and weaknesses into creative strengths. Those demons/weaknesses are pretty every day shit, but I'm more likely to relate to that then hip-hop's usual come up stories.
I hate when people act like they can relate to music that is created by people who aren't like them, in an effort to sound cool. But as far as hip hop goes, Drake is a lot more relatable to the average person than the most of the high profile, mainstream part of the genre. If that makes sense.

You're my inspiration to be a journalist.

I really appreciate that, though I think you'd be better suited to pick a more successful inspiration.

you seem to really hate lupul, don't you? he's twice the man you'll ever be so you may as well off yourself now.

I know for a fact that I was the first person to own a Joffrey Lupul Leafs jersey (I walked around with a jersey in my bag, waiting for him to announce his number the day of the trade so I could get it lettered). He's dashingly handsome and good at hockey.
I just don't like the "strip the C" narrative.
I'm going to stay alive for a while, thanks.

Why does r/leafs love Bozak?

Because it's a community of all types of people. Because many will scroll past topics they're indifferent to. Because people are more likely to show support than disgust, since the object of Reddit's karma system is to go up, not down.
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Put your plus minus article back on your website!

It's still there! Scroll around, it's just not in the hockey navigation because I want to re-write it.

If bozak performs well again like he did last year, do you think other bloggers will lay off of him? I don't mean you because you didn't mention him negatively while he was playing well.

His success last year was driven a lot by on-ice shooting percentage, so I don't think the bloggers would lay off of him if he repeated it in the same way. If he had a good year that didn't have any luck-driven statistics attached, maybe.

Do more serie a/mls coverage. Always enjoy your soccer opinions.

That's a terrible idea. I'm a casual soccer fan. I don't know enough about the sport to put that kind of effort in.

I don't agree with much you say and clearly a lot of people don't either. I've learned that I need to respect peoples opinions if I want them to respect mine. Your blogs always make me see a whole different side to things&that's what I like about you. You're gonna go far& keep doing what you're doin

I really appreciate that, thanks for reading! I don't expect everyone to agree with me, I just want to make them think a little bit, and it seems like I accomplished that with you and that's awesome.

Like any obscure sports/leagues? SlamBall? NLL? Arena football?

I went to a Rock game once and it was pretty fun, but I don't really follow any smaller sports, no. Somebody should create a pro hopscotch league, though. Just because that would be hilarious.

what do you the of the #beavnation twitter crew that always attacks you?

They seem to be entertained by it, so all power to them. I've still not met any of them in person, but that's fine.

What is your ideal situation regarding the leafs impending coaching change

Carlyle either adapts successfully or gets fired, if the latter, Horachek gets promoted, at least in the interim.

How much more optimistic are you are from the end of the season to now regarding the Leafs?

At this point I just want them to be entertaining to watch, and I think they'll accomplish that better this year.


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