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What school are you attending after the summer vc?

NTNU! The Norwegian University of Science and Technology : ) I'm going to study Chemistry and Industrial Biotechnology. Thank you for asking ( :

What musics do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of different genres, though the songs usually originate from Asia. For example K-pop, J-pop (not so much anymore), EDM, asian rap, piano songs, though currently I'm really into math-rock. To be specific I guess Big Bang, And So I Watch From Afar, uchu conbini, Wonderboy etc.

If you could choose between being a boy or girl, what would your choice be?

I would chose to be a guy.

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Are you gay?

Thank you for the question! Nah, I'm not gay. In fact I love girls, so there's that. I guess I do have some homo traits? I dunno, but I don't really see homo as a taboo or anything so I joke around with that sometimes.

How many languages do you speak? and which?

I can speak three languages. As an Asian born Norwegian, I can fluently speak Norwegian and English. I can also "nearly" fluently speak Chinese, where if I am in a conversation with a Chinese person, I can speak around 80% Chinese, mixed with English / Norwegian words whenever I forget the Chinese words.
I can't write nor read Chinese though. : v /

If you had to choose between saving someone you love or saving the planet, which would you choose?

Well, if I save the girl I love and that results into destroying the planet, it would be pretty pointless. Save the world.

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