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Tori's a bitch. You aren't but she is. I know tori very well and she is.

I don't care what you think. I know she's not

She's a bitch I would honestly watch out for her.

TORI'S A BITCH?! Well if she's a bitch I'm fucking satin. Tori is the nicest and sweetest person I know OMG
Liked by: Lily Schie

Awesome! Is there a bigger award you can get with your solo or are you just showing it since you are Miss. Teen : ) sorry not sure how this nationals stuff works lol

Um I don't really understand it either lol but I think the first thing you said hahaha
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Lol that's awesome! How many more numbers do you have left?

3 because I have to do my solo again Saturday xD


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