Ask @JennyVang:

what do i do to make myself happy ? plz advise

Cut out the negativity. Whether that be people or feelings.. tell someone about it. You will feel a sense of relief & baggage off of your shoulders. Let the little things, that get you mad or annoyed throughout your day.... go. Small things shouldn’t ruin your whole day. 👌 Have therapeutic sessions with yourself & just have fun!!! Go crazy!! Stop caring about what others think & just do you & go wild. ⭐️ & when a wave of sadness or depression comes, y’all to someone about it. Reflect & give yourself time. Remember, a new day = a fresh start. ❤️

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What do you think of cheaters (in romantic relationships)?

I think they should just be truthful & come clean. It’s better for the inflicted person to know from the cheater than to find out on their own. But I did read this post and someone said... in the cheater’s mind, there was a reasonable reason for them to cheat or thought it was okay & IDK. Kinda opened my eyes a bit, I guess. If you really think about it. But I believe everyone can control their actions and feelings at the end of the day. 🤷‍♀️

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What scares you the most about our modern society?

How this generation views relationships. Getting into a relationship just to see what you like and don’t like in a partner.. dating many. Not dating to marry. Because if you’re not, then what’s the point of getting into a relationship in the first place? That means you don’t even really like that person to begin with. You’re just setting yourself up for a broken heart or... breaking someone else’s heart and that is what scares me. How.. that will escalate in the latter.

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