Ask @JessReneaL:

Is it possible for the account owner of a phone plan to be able to read text messages on the other phone on the account without the use of a spy app?

Josh Legge
Yes, at least with my phone plan. I’m the owner and I COULD read my sisters texts if I really want to. I never have, I don’t see a reason to, but as long as I’m the owner of the Account I can do anything really. I could cut her phone off or block certain features. I have done that before but because that certain thing was annoying her and she didn’t want it.

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If you have any pets, do they have any habits that irritate you? If you don't, what kinds would you eventually like to have?

My mom has a dachshund named “Wally” who every morning when I sit down will attack my face (biting my nose licking my face etc) and when I play video games and he thinks I need to pay attention to him will SIT ON MY REMOTE so I HAVE to pay attention to him..