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I mean he treated me as his girlfriend that I was ._. He was caring and all etc. I mean we had many arguments ._. but I mean he gmt sometimes but he would always try to fix it, I mean I have to admit that he did hurt me & yeah he knows he hurt me theirs no secret of that. He actually hurt me & I never expected that from him, but I guess things happen & shit' . and yappp ✌✌ .
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What should a real man be able to do?

He's willing to do anything to keep his girl anything to make her happy . He can risk everything or every person . Have a good job . He's just willing to do anything ..
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Jennifer :( (short one lol)

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aw yes I miss you ): & you're the only Jennifer I know btw ❤ lmao. & omg I gotta tell you something now thinking about it lmao. I'll Kik you rn (:
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