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Thoughts on matias ?

Why only thoughts on matias xD chill, can I get another name or so lol bett .
Well he's a really nice person, I can trust that nigga, he's also small, He's cool & sordof shy ._. & he's helpful lol and guess what, Oreo is sleeping omggggg x'o .

why are you the most beautiful girl I have met?

I mean I'm not beautiful lol )): & that's a question you're suppose to answer ): , why don't you answer that question for me c:

whattt? you going to Mexico??

xx_haters_are_my_motivators’s Profile PhotoMitzyy.
Well I mean if I don't go to summer school, & if my brother comes back :((
Do you know how much it hurts me hearing my brother cry thru the phone saying that he feels that's he's not gonna see me no more that he's gonna die, he actually feels it, he even told me to take care of myself & our mom, and I mean this wouldn't be happening if I went to Ecuador with him, I blame it on me :((
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What are your plans for the summer?

Out to Mexico bitchessss ;) with my brother even though we aint mexican ._. xc

lmfaoo it's love (':

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You got time to say you love me but dont answer my kik message, what is this ? who you is to do this to the baee *crying emoji*
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lmfaoo, show yourself then she'll tell you (; don't be a pussy, you want to know.. so come off anonymous :* (;

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Poppin' or naw *sleeping emoji* psht.
lmfaoo show yourself then shell tell you  dont be a pussy you want to know so


I mean he treated me as his girlfriend that I was ._. He was caring and all etc. I mean we had many arguments ._. but I mean he gmt sometimes but he would always try to fix it, I mean I have to admit that he did hurt me & yeah he knows he hurt me theirs no secret of that. He actually hurt me & I never expected that from him, but I guess things happen & shit' . and yappp ✌✌ .
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Ok.. so I'm like 7 days late but whatever *sleeping emoji* lmaoo, ya trippin' how is Bryan Matias a "bitch" ? ^.- lmaoo, ya must not really know the definition of the word "bitch" .-. cause he's a really nice person. The honest truth.. I bet he's nicer than your stupid ass. NFS.

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Lol.. xc


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