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Do you think people deserve a second chance?

Some of them . Some actually do deserve it but like some just don't deserve it

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Thoughts on Bryan m

Matias ?
well he's short & he used to be shy v.v but he ain't no more lol and he's cool & nice .

Thoughts on harry

Harry the 7th grader ?
lol not much to say ._. But I see him in school and he tall v.v .

Thoughts on mee? ^~^ (;

xx_haters_are_my_motivators’s Profile PhotoMitzyy.
Well first of all . I love you ❤ your my r.o.d . I trust you on anything & you help me alot on stuff that i get confused on or anything related with me &&' your so beautiful & crazy . I never get embarrassed being with you . like yesterday when you saw Dane Dehaan, you went so fuckin' crazy lmfao :') but yea he's hawttt v.v lol & we have been through a lot v.v like A LOT . & you be cheating on me ._. like tf is this . no . no . lol, & I remember when we took a selfie at flushing park and this dude popped out in the background *laughing emoji* lmao :') Well you know that I don't like seeing you sad, it breaks my heart . I try to ask you what happen and you say nothing even though your eyes are so watery ._. your so funny :') well your craziness makes everything more funnier lol well I love you ❤ (: .

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y do u have bunny cat eyes?

LMFAO :') I would kill you right now but I love you . and I don't have bunny-cat eyes . That was before like a longggggg time ago .
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