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y u friends wif mitzy? she's such a bitch -.-

First learn how to spell, why* your* with* , & i can be friends with anyone i want, and you cant do anything about it ._. And to be clear she's not a bitch .|. Sd .
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lmfaoo I told you not to drink it .-. but yet you did now it's Kevin's turn to get sick :')

xx_haters_are_my_motivators’s Profile PhotoMitzyy.
Still you could have stopped me. & I'm dying of hunger for ice cream . lol
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Ard ard xD so Eric stay talkin bout u & askin bout u ' & yk yk batman :x

lmao how you know ? Erik is a bumm lol .

Thoughts on Mitzy ?? ^.-

Thoughts on Mitzy ? :3 ..... lmao Well i got mad love for her :3 I trust her on anything, shes crazy, thats what i love about her, we always get introuble in class cx lol and shes like the only person thats knows who im dating ❤.❤ . she supports me on anything, she protects me like a mommy ducklin lol And even thoe she lied that i tried to kill her four times i still love that mofo. lol we went thru alot and shes still with me. I just love her ❤ u u u u I almost forgot... we almost died together :3 lmao cx
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Describe what a good friend means to you?

when there for you in the bad and in the good. they care about you. they take care of you when your not feeling well. Understands youu, believes youu, any problems their always there , doesnt care if your retarted they justt lovee youu boo ❤❤


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