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Tell me how to lose weight.

Eat less carbs, eat more protein, drink water, cardio, calisthenics & strength training (whichever works for you, there is no magic trick) 4-5 per week, be consistent in your healthy eating and working out.

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Hey folks, just fyi: Education sucks in this country because the owners of this country doesn’t want educated people capable of critical thinking. They only want obedient workers. You’re welcome! 😳🤔🙄 Don’t be a fool!


Do you lend others money if they need it or do you refuse to do so sometimes? If you do refuse at times, why? 🤔

If I can I will and also it depends on who.
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Are you an expensive person?

Believe me, I’m not. 😒 and really I should be cause women like me are not appreciated at all.

Whats the creepiest question that you've been asked on here?

Someone just asked if it’s normal to do sexual things with an uncle… WTF 🤬


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