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Poday poday, says the guy who couldn't figure out my ninja colour coding :P ... Too complicated for you? And yes, I try my best to kollall yoir Sundays :D and I accept your thanks. Chellamz.

ahh yes your stupid color coding that dont even make sense ... :P :P ..... ohh please... mole u kollaling me is an idea that not walking - nadakathilla... nee chhumma pichum peyum parayathe.. nadakunna kayam vallom para :P :P ... thanks o? LOL what thanks? eviduthe thanks? eppolathe thanks? enthinu thanks? :P :P

Ente vaayil nine nalla pulicha their mixed with French kekaan ninekke bayangara aagrahams onde alle?? Saaram illa Sunday face to face thanne parcel theraam :P and dammnn you're making me use my brain!!

ahahah what a wonderful :P :P ente naalathe divasam pokai! :P :P..... pinne nee kore therum.. onnu podi :P :P.... brain o? :O what brain?! :O :O nee chumma ingane kallamz parayallee!! :O :O brain pollum! :P :P

Daiii njaan engeneyo ivide ethi, not so sure how :/ but ninte personal statement is orangalling in my documents, sorry for being such a lazy ass :$

nee ivideyum vanno :O :O ... enne jeevikan samadhikathilla alle? :P :P jk di ... ahhh take your time (that me nicely telling you to get your lazy ass working :P :P) ... how did u get on here tho? were u stalking Mr. achachan and just got a link to my ask? lol :P

Pretty[x] Beautiful[] Gorgeous[]Hot[] Sexy[] Perfect[] - Hug[x] Kiss on the neck [] Kiss on cheek []Kiss[] - Stranger [] Friend[x] Enemy[] Bro []- Date[] Marry[] I don't know [x] - Rate 1[] 2[] 3[] 4[] 5[] 6[] 7[] 8[] 9[x] 10[] :)))

Ahahah thanks aish.. but you're too kind :P :P

What are the 5 important things you would include in your things-to-do list?

-> Preach the gospel of Christ to all creation
-> Become a civil engineer
-> Start a business
-> Get rich
-> Last but not the least 'Her' :P :P LOL

Poda Poda... Chechiye Pranthee akale pls. What r u playing at! Achachan just said thank u. So yh. Really ur prank sucks! Entano veliya Thrisur pooram. Veruthe hopes up high aaki.

Ini enthu aakan irikunnu mole... u already is a pranthee :P :P ..... ahh okay okay fine.. i never said it wasn't for talent test... :P :P lool....

Good luck with ur group song guys. xx Don't worry I will be bringing ear plugs to be on the safe side. :PMe joking!!

edi wth are u on about? vattu pinneyum ilagi alle? :P :P

Iam Superwoman Muhahah. And oui, je parle de l'etat whatsapp :P

ahhh nee ayirunno... u can whatsapp me y'know :P:P.....and u know very well what its about -.-

Yo, whatup dude. What's up with the emotional statuses? What's going on ?

ermmmm...... who are u? and u refering to my whatsapp??


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