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What can people learn from animals?

This is a random generated question, however its a question that I personally love being asked. We can learn EVERYTHING From animals.. Humility, patience, survival instincts, natural care for ourselves and our children, and love for the planet itself. Animals literally are better then humans in this aspect. They love and care for the planet, as we just destroy it.

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Do you think it is right to keep wild animals in a zoo?

No I do not. That is one of the big reasons why Florida is over-running with non-native animals. Hurricanes and other natural disasters releasing them and most of them not being found, especially the reptilian varieties. I believe we should only keep certain animals captive if they are in danger of becoming extinct, but only long enough to get them to a proper number and release them afterwards.

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have you ever cheated in a relationship?

I have not. I have been in many of relationships. And I have done many things in those relationships. Cheating isn't one of them. I am very loyal to the person I give myself to. However I am extremely loyal to myself, as in, if you start taking advantage of who I am, then I will not think twice to kick you to the curb. Relationships are supposed to be a dance between two people, both giving in, and one leading.. Im the leader, that is all. :P

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