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favorite new pokemons?

It is all, ALL about the Hawlucha.

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omikron's on gog m8, that'll run rite good

Good call. I may add it to the list of potentials, then!

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indigo prophery/fahrenheit is not as good as omikron though. sorry jimi, but omikron is better. well, except for the now crappy controls. back then though, the game i thought was mind blowing chungus. but should i be ashamed that i didn't know who bowie was until years after i played the game?

If Omikron worked on my computer I'd be able to see if this was true.

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So, I saw you on the Brilliant/Bollocks panel with David Moss (Lasercorn). What did you think of him and what do you think of Smosh Games in general?

He was very quiet that weekend. Didn't really talk to any of those people, kept themselves to themselves. I've barely heard of this Smosh thing though. It's impossible to keep up with the 50,000,000,000,000 famous YouTube accounts.

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When a game tells you to make the gray x barely visible against the black background to adjust the brightness do you listen or make it a bit brighter?

I used to listen. I recently stopped giving a shit.

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Would you be offended if someone did a Let's Play of a game because they watched a video of you playing it?

I'd be pretty flattered.

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Are you prepared to concede that Heavy Rain is actually a lot better than Indigo Prophecy yet? It has its own bollocks and terrible dialogue/acting/plot, but the actual gameplay is almost bearable.

I will concede no such thing.

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Where do you think the current trend of 'review scores are bad' chatter comes from? I can't help but think it is rooted in some thinking that there will be fewer idiots saying idiotic things in comment sections, which is baseless.

Because it's easier to blame some exterior thing than look at the culture and attitudes surrounding that thing.

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If everyone hates review scores, why don't you all agree to get rid of them?

Because not everyone hates review scores. I, for example, do not.

Seriously weary of this "get rid of review scores" thing. People just assume nobody likes them, because THEY don't like them. Can it.

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Should I try Indigo Prophecy? Have you replayed in the last few years? Also, I'd love to see a DTOID feature explaining why you liked Indigo vs. Beyond, mostly to hear more in-depth opinion of the former. Maybe Quantic Dream should embrace the idea of looking stupid.

I am playing Indigo Prophecy for the DTOID YouTube channel right now, and providing my thoughts on why it succeeded as I play.

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I wholeheartedly agree that bought review scores are utter nonsense, but what do you think of larger outlets being influenced by lucrative advertisement/sponsorship deals?

I think they are, theoretically, terrible things. I have never experienced them, though, so I simply cannot say if it happens.

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Do you think your time is better spent contributing videos to Dtoid rather than writing? As much as I love Now Bloody Playing, I do miss your editorials - but hey, whatever helps the site grow.

I don't know. I'm in something of an experimental phase, trying to see what I can do with different things. In all honesty, my zeal for writing has taken a dive of late. I was offered some good freelance writing work recently and am yet to accept, because videogame editorial is kind of an empty well for me at the moment.

All things change, though, so I could suddenly get the bug back.

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Can you redub Willem Dafoe in Beyond Two Souls for our amusement? If he was misused, then you have to show David Cage how Dafoe works. Only fair.

Hahaha, very tempting.

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Which would you rather crawl inside to live forever and ever - Jonathan Holmes' rectum or mind?

His mind. I'd love to experience his marshmallow dreams ... and corrupt them.

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If you released an aftershave/perfume what would you name it?

I have done mock up perfume pictures for my own amusement. I called them Clemdenkus, Mother's Dread, and Regretful Vengeance.

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You can have sex with one ASOIAF character. go

Brienne. She'd probably batter the shit out of me while she did it, too.

Fuck yeah she would.

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Zombies seem to be extremely popular right now in games. What do you think will come after zombies? Or will we ever get out of our zombie era?


Something will come to replace zombies, as zombies came to replace samurai and ninja. I don't know what it'll be, but I hope it's skellingtons.

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I love it say it Jim, but you were right about Anita Sarkeesian. Amazing how the whole tropes shebackle has blown over, yet the only people *still* giving a fuck are those who made it a huge deal in the first place. Thank GOD for you!

Bless you, my child.

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what are the crabs on your twitter background for?

I like crabs.

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as i watched the latest jimquisition, i got a boner. does that mean jesus is not the christ anymore???

It means everything is well within parameters.

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can you sing in the club style?


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Do you think that David Cage is a European equivalent to Hideo Kojima? They both seem to want to be making movies rather than games, and both seem to write incredibly silly stories.

No. They are directly comparable in terms of ambition, but when it comes to execution, Cage doesn't deserve to share a book, let alone a page, with Kojima.

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do you think game "journalists" should know about the medium? say a jrpg only critic to know about dos games from the early 90s, even if its the basic stuff? should they get to know chungus as well? thanks my love. thanks.

They should preferably understand the videogames they're reviewing, and be good writers. Anything else is gravy, as far as I could care.

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Did you know you can hire Dave Benson Phillips to do gungings at events now? If you and Holmes are ever in Britain together, can we put Holmes on trial and then gunge him?

That is beautiful and tragic at the same time. I bet he does a lot of village community halls.

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Does your Jim Sterling figure not have a face? D:

It is what we call "stylized."

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