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How are you so gorgeous?

T^T awww thank you anon! <3 ;3;

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What are your cosplay plans for January 2017? And how do you afford all your materials and equipment for cosplay?

My plans for January are to finish Dark Elementalist Lux, one or two things to finish on my mimikyu gijinka, and then revamp my Harley. My cosplay year will really kick off in Feb, with Ahri and more armour gijinkas :3

As for affording it, I try to stagger my cosplay plans so that the months before and after a big cosplay are cheap/easy cosplays. When I'm planning big armours, I will make other filler cosplays using fabric I already have to keep my page busy until i'm ready to announce the BIG cosplays. Cubone, Panty DVa and Wednesday Addams cost me just about nothing because I used scraps and fabric I had purchased previously. I'm actually a meticulous budgeter xD

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You're great the way you are! Keep doing how you do!

Maou Ookami

Thank you Maou T^T <3 <3 <3 <3

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No Sly Cooper, Erza, or Tifa? So disappoint!

Uhm, no. Sorry!

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Was 2016 really so bad? How was it for you?

Annari Du Plessis

2016 was good and bad for me, I learnt a lot and grew a lot. I also lost a lot. Meh.

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When are you gonna do a Kindred, Thresh, Cammy or Shego cosplay? Best get started on them quickly!! Xxx

Not sure why you think i'm doing those xP I only have Kindred on my list for this year, I'll be joining Maoukami-sama and she'll be my wolf. Aside from that, I won't be doing any of those. Sorry to disappoint! <3

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What's your favourite and least favourite thing of the SA cosplay community?

Favourite thing: there's always support and there's always someone out there who is willing to help you, whether it's by helping you with finding a wig, tips on how to make stuff, people are willing to share knowledge and info! :D

Least favourite thing: rumours and drama spreads like wildfire and some people are more obsessed with appeasing each other rather than finding out the truth or keeping uninvolved.

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Rascals or skittles?

Rascals fo sho!

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If you could travel the world with only one person who would you take?

My boyfriend :3

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When is it ok to give up?

I guess that depends on the context? I mean, I'm always one who will say "Never ever give up", BUT if you're giving up on something that is hurting you or causing you pain or stress then it's okay?

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Your Cubone cosplay is stunning! Although I suspect there will be the usual 'copy kittie' rumours again. What is your favourite part of your Cubone cosplay currently?

Thank you! Hopefully those don't pop up again xP I really tried to go with my own spin on it! My favourite part is actually all the bones and teeth and hanging beads xP they took a while to put together but i love the effect!

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what kind of glue do you use the most? and how much do you generally use per costume?

Jules Darryn Puth

When it comes to making stuff, I use a looooot of contact glue :3 I use alcolin cold glue to prime everything!

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Why do you hate me?

Anon, I don't know if you're trolling or not... If you really think I hate you please send me a pm <3 I don't really hate anyone so it might just be a misunderstanding!

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What is the worst 21th century gadget?



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How the hell can you be accused of copying a cosplay? Last time I checked no single cosplayer has propriety rights to a character! These haters are Jelly, pay them no mind.


It comes from the fact that a few of my character choices have coincided with another cosplayer's choices... So therefore they have grounds to accuse me of copying them.

It's a messy, silly, and frankly unnecessary story xP :(

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Favourite color?

Red, purple, turquoise xP

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I'm sorry you're getting so much passive aggressive hate about 'copying cosplayers'. I personally feel that said person is only angry at you because you are at her level and make cosplays as well as her. If it was anyone else she'd be fine because she'd still be best then.

I appreciate the post anon <3 I just wish it wasn't all about that. Cosplay is meant to be a fun hobby, not a continual contest. I don't like the negativity these things bring up. I try my hardest to do my best, and if what you say has even a small glimmer of truth, then.. That's really sad, because it was never my goal. Nevertheless, I'm gonna keep doing my thing, and growing myself, and having fun. That's what cosplay means to me!

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Any tips for improving one's cosplay?

I would say, just keep trying to learn new things and perfect the things you do know!

Everyone has room for improvement. So I suggest google, google, google, EVERYTHING. I spend a good week researching, brainstorming and reading blogs/watching videos before I start even my simplest cosplays. There's SO MUCH info you can glean from the net.

Then, when you've researched the crap out of everything and every possibility, try put it to work. And keep trying. If it fails, try again. Some parts of my cosplays I make 3-4 times over until i'm happy xP

And most importantly, DON"T GIVE UP! Growth and improvement never came from sitting down and crying when things don't work out the first time <3

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Grrr I are bad anon bork bork I am troll

Okay wut xD

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Pineapple on pizza?


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where did you learn to sew??

I am self taught actually xP I've been sewing stuff since i was 14, but despite that I'm not actually THAT good at it. I'm trying to improve!

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Which cosplay that you completed are you most proud of?

Courtney Wood

Either Katarina or Alexstrasza xP both those cosplays took a lot of work and planning, and both of them placed in a competition! <3

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What do you miss that is no longer around?


This is gonna be a sad one.. My family, actually.

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Emphasis on "seeing another cosplayer bring them to life"

Listen, mate. If you have a problem with me or something I've done, woman up and talk to me like a sensible human. No more of this petty attempt at trolling me. It seems like you're really scraping the barrel here to try and insult me or trigger me or whatever your intent is.

We'd all be lying if we didn't say that seeing a cosplayer bring your favourite characters to life doesn't inspire you to want to cosplay your favourite characters too. That's how it works. That's how inspiration works, dude. You have no ammunition, seriously. You basically ignored everything i said and picked the one line that suited you to try and poke me with. It makes no sense. If you have a gripe, I'm all ears, if you're adult enough to talk to me personally. But this is stupid now. Bye.

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What do you use as cosplay inspiration to get ideas for new cosplays?

I only really cosplay characters I love. So, when something happens that inspires me to cosplay one of those characters, be it watching the show again, playing the game again, or even seeing another cosplayer bring them to life, I decide to do that character then and there xP

I don't really know if I have too many ideas for "new" cosplays (unless i watch a new movie or something - then it just goes onto the list haha), I have a huge mental list of characters I want to do and when the inspiration strikes for something specific I decide to do it :D

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