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What’s your favorite seafood?

A majour cause of failure from the man: Napolean Hill. 5. LACK OF SELF-DISCIPLINE. Discipline comes through self-control. This means that one must control all negative qualities. Before you can control conditions, you must first control yourself. Self-mastery is the hardest job you will ever tackle. If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self. You may see at one and the same time both your best friend and your greatest enemy, by stepping in front of a mirror.

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What or who motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

Instead of you ladies being called feminist why not be called "Equalitarian". Why I'm Equalitarian for women and men cause women feel the need to wear make up and get sexualized trying to live up to societial standards. And the men have to live up to high standards also in a different why. The bottom line is society sucks. :) why be divided man agaisnt female? We need each other. Equalitarian all day.

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What do you expect from life?

"The study of geometry, which descends to us from Pythagoras, is a meditation on the harmony of the cosmic order, and it is a meditation upon music. If you meditate upon geometry instead of just learning it in a linear way, you can actually hear the music of the spheres, because the geometric forms will key the eye and the ear to the inner sound. Every line that you draw, have the carryover from the spiritual octaves to the physical .... So geometry, and mathematics and calculus, make the transition from the concrete to the non-concrete. It is one of the highest studies that anyone can pursue. In fact, whenever I study these fields I am so impressed by the scientific information that comes tumbling down from the higher octaves. And at one point as I was meditating on these areas, there was so much information coming, that I determined to direct my attention away from it because I realized that the world was not ready for that teaching; there was far too much power in the understanding of the universe. And there it is, very plainly and very simply there, for anyone who can make the attunement. "

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